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History and strategy

The Coal Company “Kuzbassrazrezugol” is one of the leaders of coal mining in Russia. The Company ranks second in the country in terms of coal produced annually, and is the first in open-pit coal mining. The raw material base of coal deposits within the licensed areas of the Coal Company “Kuzbassrazrezugol” exceeds 4.3 billion tons.

The company has been operating in the coal industry during more than 59 years. On May 19, 1964, the specialized plant “Kuzbasskaryerugol” was created by the individual order of the RSFSR Council of Ministers. It united all open-pit coal mining in the Kuznetsk coal basin: the plant included 13 open-pit coal mines operating at that time in the Kemerovo Region, several under mines construction, and a number of auxiliary enterprises where about 14 thousand persons worked. From that time, the official history of the Company began, however such activities were started much earlier. 

In 1947, the first open-pit coal mine was founded in Kuzbass, the Krasnobrodskiy mine, from which the history of open-pit coal mining in the region began. Today the Company operates as a part of the Coal Company “Kuzbassrazrezugol”. In 1949, the second open-pit coal mine of Kuzbass, the Bachatskiy open-pit mine, was put into operation; nowadays, it is also a part of the Company structure. Later, other open-pit coal mining enterprises were created. 

Today, the Coal Company “Kuzbassrazrezugol” is the largest company for high-quality coal open[1]pit mining in Kuzbass. The Company’s assets include six open-pit coal mines, a borehole and 10 service enterprises. For almost 60 years, miners of the Coal Company “Kuzbassrazrezugol” have mined about 2 billion tons of coal. 

Our strategy is to unlock maximum potential of our business-activities and to sustain competitiveness as a global player on the coal market. KRU historically has a strong base for producing coal at lowest costs, unlocking full value of existing deposits.Mining is the main strategic asset and priority for KRU. It forms major part of EBITDA and added value, produced by Company. We focus on developing world-class coal deposits.